Clinical Waste & Hygiene Service

Clinical Waste, Sharps Disposal and Feminine Hygiene Services

Collection Services

Safe, secure collection services - choose which suits you.

We are owned and run by a Registered Nurse with steel toe capped boots!

Before a string of events that led me to the world of waste management, I had worked as an Accident & Emergency Nurse as well as in other healthcare settings.  

I believe there is more to clinical waste than competing with prices against the multinational providers and brokers.  

I have been in those shoes when it has been difficult to arrange clinical waste collections for patients with home care packages and treatments that will require one-off or short-term collections.  Our service is about being able to respond to the needs of patients and healthcare providers.

Whether you are a home chiropodist studio, small high-street tattoo studio, a large hotel or a chain of dentists Roupcycle Duty Calls stands by our core values Reliability, Accessible, Affordable and Professional.

Clinical Waste

Clinical waste (“Yellow Bag”) collections can coincide with sharps collections or be arranged according to customer needs.

Billing for clinical waste disposal is based on the weight of the bags upon collection rather than a monthly fee.

Sharps Disposal

Sharps units are available in a range of sizes and include needle removers.

All containers carry the British Standard Kite Mark, are UN approved and display the relevant warnings.

Feminine Hygiene Service

We provide you with a sanitary unit containing a highly effective fragrant germicide.

We can assess your needs and suggest how many units are required and how often they are serviced.

The minimum service frequency is calendar monthly which suits the majority of our clients.

Setting up your collection service is simple

Call us on 01252 917070 to set up your service today.