Skip bags – A skip alternative

So, you’ve finally got around to clearing out the garage or tidying up the garden and now you are panicking about how you’ll get rid of all this stuff!

Your first thought is to get a skip but then you realise:

- Your driveway is narrow or is awkward to access

- You haven’t got a skip permit and are worried about how long it will take

- There’s a lot of waste to get rid of but maybe not as much as skip load

So, what’s the alternative… a skip bag.

- No permit needed

- Easy to store (as it’s flat packed) and lightweight

- Can be left by the front of the house for easy removal

- You can choose your size, small, medium, or large depending on your load

What can you put in a skip bag

- Bathroom Project Waste

- Bedroom Furniture

- Boilers (no asbestos)

- Carpet / Flooring

- Central Heating Equipment (no asbestos)

- Ceramics

- Clay (weight restrictions apply)

- Computer Equipment (no monitors, laptops or ink cartridges)

- Construction and Demolition (C&D) Materials

- Garden Waste

- Glass

- Household Waste

- Insulation (no asbestos)

- Kitchen Project Waste

- Metals

- Office Products (no monitors/laptops or ink cartridges)

- Packaging

- Paper and Cardboard Products

- Plasterboard or Gypsum (must be segregated from other waste)

- Plastics

- Non-oily Rags and Wipes

- Roofing Materials (no asbestos)

- Salt

- Small Domestic Appliances (examples include microwaves, stereos, VCRs, DVD players, radios, audio/visual equipment, NO monitors, TVs or laptops)

- Soil

- Tarmac

- Textiles

- Windows and Doors

- Wood and Timber Materials

What can’t you put in a skip bag

- Asbestos

- Biological, medical, animal, human waste

- Loose domestic refuse

- Raw loose meat or fish

- Gas bottles or fire extinguishers

- Oil, petrol, cooking oil, diesel

- Filled paint cans

- Toxic substances

- Explosives or illegal items

How big are our skip bags?

At Roupcycle we have 3 sizes.


1 yard | 0.8m3 | 90cm x 90cm x 90cm.

Ideal for a clutter clear-out or DIY project.

Equivalent in size to 1 large car boot load or 8 black bin bags.


1.5 yards | 1.15m3 | 180cm x 90cm x 70cm.

Larger DIY projects – Fits a small bathroom suite.

Equivalent in size to 2.5 large car boot loads or 20 black bin bags.

Includes delivery of bag and collection.

No more than 50% of heavy material. 



4.5 yards 1.15m3 210cm x 165cm x 100cm

Small kitchen refurbishment

Perfect for bulky items and large declutter

Approx. 4-5 car boot loads or approx. 45 bin bags.

Includes delivery of bag and collection.

No more than 50% of heavy material.


Think a skip bag is what you need?  Give us a call.

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